Birds on a Log

The Birds on a Log series is one of my more popular items.  Each set is unique set of characters.  I never make two alike and each bird is just a random creation based on the piece of glass I happen to select. 

Most sets come with three or four birds, but I can customize the number specially.  Some people have asked for one bird for each child or grandchild or some other meaningful number.

The logs are typically Aspen that is collected from the Rocky mountains of New Mexico.  All logs and branches are collected from trees that have fallen previously; no trees are cut down or branches removed from living trees.  I carefully remove the bark in such a way to reveal a rich brown layer just before you reach the white wood.  If you like, I can also leave the bark on to create a more rustic piece.

To purchase a Birds on a Log piece, please email me to discuss the details of your order.

Price:  $30 per bird
Log:  Aspen (included)
Tax:  Applicable to Texas residents
Shipping:  $15